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Optical elements for lasers: optical filters, mirrors with dielectric reflecting coatings (resonator and rotary), lenses (for telescopes, focusing objects, etc.) and protective glasses.

Scanning systems

Allow to reject and position the laser beam on the surface to be treated. Application: marking, engraving and welding materials; medical scanning heads (2-axis scanning heads, 3-axis scanning systems, controllers and software)

Laser cutting and welding heads

Welding and cutting heads and lenses, as well as focal length tracking systems, serve to provide the best technological result. Possible selection for different lasers with a power of 100 to 10,000 watts.

CO2 lasers

Lasers wavelength 10.6 micron with RF modulation from world manufacturers. Sales, service and repair.

Fiber Lasers

Lasers for cutting, welding, marking and thermosetting of materials from world manufacturers. Sale, service and repair.

Solid-state lasers

Lasers for cutting, welding, marking and thermosetting of materials of our production. Development, sale, service and repair.

Quantum and tube quantum (DPSS) pumping

Quantum is the main element of a solid-state laser emitter, consisting of a reflector, an active element, one or more pump lamps (or diode lines) that are structurally located in a common housing.

Laser diodes and rulers

Continuous and quasi-continuous (CW & QCW). Application: medicine, pumping solid-state lasers, material processing, scientific research.

Independent cooling systems

Forced cooling of a liquid, which is heated as a result of absorption of excess heat, which is released during the generation of laser radiation. Using the cooling system allows you to control the operating temperature of the coolant, more precisely to maintain a predetermined value, to reduce the volume of water contained in the cooling system.

Protective glasses

The danger of electromagnetic and, in particular, laser radiation for the human body is a scientifically proven fact. It has a negative effect on the condition of the skin and can lead to thermal burns. But the greatest danger it presents to the eyes. Any rays: straight, scattered and reflected - have a detrimental effect on the health of the eyes and, in some cases, can cause complete loss of vision.

Lamps for pumping

Used for pumping active solid state lasers. We can make or pick up a pump lamp according to your requirements.


Designed for use in quantum lasers with continuous or pulsed pumping.

Upon request we will find the best offer for your tasks.