The structure includes:

  1. Fiber pulse laser 20, 100 W or Nd: YAG pulsed laser 50,150, 300 W (optional).
  2. Positioner on linear engines "КЛДВ-1000х1000", "КЛДВ-1250х1250" (on a choice).

Laser equipment

Classification of the laser

This 4-class laser series is in compliance with EU-EN 60825-1. This product generates invisible laser radiation at a wavelength of 1064 nm.

Description and characteristics of the laser

The laser device is designed for use in research, in the field of industrial and scientific. Characterized by high efficiency, low power consumption, excellent radiation quality, compactness, ease of use; can be used both individually and in the equipment of the Customer.

Main features:

  • High beam quality
  • Reliable, long service life
  • High degree of conversion of electrical energy into optical
  • Convenient Management Interface
  • Application:
    • Cutting
    • Scrub
Rated output power (W) 20-100 fiber 50 Nd:YAG 150-300 Nd:YAG
Work mode pulsed / modulated pulsed
Output power settings (%) 10 ~ 100
Wavelength of radiation (nm) 1064
Modulation frequency (kHz) 2 ~ 1000 0,5 ~ 50 1 ~ 300 Гц
Radiation quality (BPP, mm • mrad) 2.5 3.5
Laser power of the red pointer (mW) 0,1 0.25
Electrical characteristics
Rated Output Power (W) 20-100 fiber 50-300 Nd:YAG
Power supply AC 220V ± 10% AC 380V ± 10%, 50 / 60Гц
Maximum power consumption (W) 200 - 500 2500 - 8000

Positioner on linear engines «КЛДВ»

Designed for cutting sheet materials along the trajectory is determined by the control program from the system of numerical control. The product can be used in any field of the national economy, where there is a need for a high-precision cutting of different materials.

3-phase power supply 50 Hz, V 380±38
Pressure of compressed air at the input of the device of the clean-up, MPa 0,6-2,0
Transportation of a laser beam fiber cable
Working field with tracking in coordinate Z, mm 1000х1000х120
Technical table for laser cutting pull-out
Positioning accuracy is not worse, mm / m 0,01
Dynamic accuracy at working speeds is not worse, mm ±0,02
Track curvature of the workpiece surface +
Language of program management ISO840 (GM-коди)
Operating environment of the personal computer of the operator's console Windows
Import dxf files AutoCAD
Maximum power consumption (W) 3500
Warranty service, month. 12/24

The three-coordinate positioner provides movement of the cutting head in a horizontal plane (coordinate X and coordinate Y) of the working table in the trajectory determined by the control program from the CNC system, as well as the vertical movement of the instrument head (Z coordinate). As supply drives for coordinates X and Y, three-phase synchronous linear motors are used, Z is a servo drive in the coordinate.

Structurally, the positioner is a stand on which a desktop and two linear electric motors have coordinates Y, on which the carriage of the inductors is moved, and the transverse beam with the electric motor coordinates X is fixed. The platform coordinate Z is fixed to the carriage of the inductor of the linear motor X coordinate. Inside the positioner frame there is a drawer for collecting during the cutting of small parts and slag formed during the processing.

Package contents:

  • Raycus fiber laser, Maxphotonics or IPG (optional)
  • Technological platform with coordinates X, Y, Z
  • Autonomous cooling system
  • Cutting head
  • Gas control system kit
  • CNC system
  • Software
  • Operational documentation
  • Set of ZIP