Universal laser installation for welding.

Autonomous cooling system. The radiation of the laser is transmitted by optical fiber.

Typical application - for manual and fixed welding of materials.

The lasers provide the ability to perform two types of welding - spot and seam, while providing a wide range of modes and power density (103 to 107 W / cm2), which allows you to effectively weld materials in the thickness from micrometers to millimeters.

When welded, a very small zone of thermal impact is formed, that is, there is practically no change in the properties of the material. Locality of influence and insignificant thermal influence on metal, as a result of the minimum deformation of welded parts. Laser welding provides high precision of the laser beam to the joint of welded parts due to the use of optical observing systems. When working in pulsed mode provides the ability to directly monitor the process of welding without the effect of glare. Welding of materials with different physical properties is possible.

Model JSM-300 JSM-400
Laser type Nd:YAG
Laser power 300 Вт\120 J. 400 Вт\150 J.
Wavelength of radiation (nm) 1064
Pulse frequency ≤50Hz
Duration of the pulse ≤20ms
The size is focused 0.1~3.0 mm
Positioning system Red ray and CCD
Focal length 100mm/120mm/200mm
Cooling Water
Power supply 380В±10% 50Hz
Maximum power consumption (W) ≤8 kW ≤9 kW
Dimensions 2800х1200х1400 mm
Weight 410 kg